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Big Max Trains with Big Frank  

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Big Max Vs. Grant Part 2  

Infuriated by Grant's underhanded tactics, Max unleashes the beast! With a crazed look in his eyes, the massive musclegod goes on a rampage of destruction. Pummeling Grant with bearhugs, backbreakers, a camel clutch, elbow drops and relentless boot stomps, he leaves his poor victim moaning and crippled.  Terrified for his own life, and regretting ever setting foot on the mats with largest and most brutal muscle wrestler in the world, Grant begs for mercy. But Max is lost to his rage and his will to dominate. He won't accept any submissions or pleas now. Grant realizes with horror that he may never escape from this uncaged muscle beast…  Rendered helpless and near crippled by Max's relentless onslaught on his body, Grant finds himself chained up to the ceiling of the mat room. Max enters, now wearing just his posing trunks and demands Grant's total submission. Terrified, Grant refuses, demanding that he be let go, that the match is over.  Max reminds Grant of the damage he can inflict, and tortures the broken wrestler with metal chains and a brutal pounding. Stripping him of his wrestling trunks, leaving him exposed and vulnerable, the now broken muscleman moans in pain and fear. Eventually Grant capitulates and declares himself the property of Big Master Max. Freed from his chains, but with the shackles left on his wrists, Max commands him to oil him up and worship him. Grant assumes his new role of 'Muscle Bitch' reluctantly at first, but soon becomes hypnotized by the sheer size of Max's muscle. As he runs his hands over the glistening back, arms and legs of this giant, Grant admits that he never had a chance against this much raw powerful muscle. Grant gets lost in the scent of Max's armpits and begins to relish his opportunity to touch a muscle god like this.  Grant and Max begin to flex side by side, Max showing that despite Grant's own substantial size, he is still nothing compared to him. After this, just to humiliate him further, Max commands Grant to lay on the mats and plants his muscle ass on his face, smothering him while Max shows off for the camera. Then, dragging Grant to his knees, he begins to crush his head with his humongous quads while he flexes and poses his now oil soaked body.  Grant thinks his servitude as Max's Muscle Bitch will be brief, but those who are foolish enough to challenge Big Max and lose, don't get let off so lightly...

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Big Max Vs. Grant Part 1  

Max answers the challenge of a wrestler, arranging to meet him in dungeon mat room. Decked out in classic pro wrestling gear, Max waits for opponent, flexing his monstrous physique for the camera.  When the challenger arrives, Max can't help but laugh. Although Grant is a thick, powerfully built wrestling veteran, he is dwarfed by Max's sheer mass. Grant is a full 8" shorter and nearly 90lbs lighter, and Big Max can't take his challenge seriously. But Grant trash talks Max, accusing him of having nothing but 'mirror muscle', saying he thinks he hasn't got any real strength or skill. Max is riled up by his cocky opponent, and they face off.  After a few seconds of wrestling, in which Grant is throw around the mats like a rag doll, it is obvious that the smaller muscle man is completely out of his league. Every hold or maneuver that he tries, is simply countered by Max's inhuman muscle power.  Getting desperate, Grant resorts to dirty fighting to fell the giant. And even comes close to taking Max out with a sleeper. But Max is too tough to go down and tears his way free of the hold at the last minute.

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Day in the Life Part 1  

Max gives us a glimpse into his awesome disicpline and drive, as we get to see his morning routine. Seeing him just woken in the morning, already looking massive in just a pair of shorts, we get to watch him dress and head to the gym. Starting out his day with cardio, Max is glistening with sweat, and the shine on his body picks out his definition. Dripping with perspiration, his clothes soaked, he drinks his breakfast of egg whites in the car. Watching sweat drenched Max returns home, and we watch him strip off and climb into the shower. The water beads of his solid, pumped-up body as we watch him rinse himself down, as Max shares some of inner thoughts with us.

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Diet Update  

Big Max is getting ready for competing, and that means a change of diet, a renewed focus on cutting body fat and the transformation into a shredded muscle beast for the stage. He shares with us some details of his upcoming competition, as well as some of the upcoming plans for the site and his fans. But this being Big Max, he can't talk for long before he has to strip off the camera and starts flexing his god-like physique. Hungry for attention and worship, he moves his body hypnotically through the classic muscle poses.