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Big Max Meets Keith: Big-time Wrestling  

The tension between them finally having reached it's inevitable confrontation, Max and Keith lock up on the mats to finally decide which of them is the superior Alpha stud. So even matched in size and power, it comes down to aggression and pure grit. Max gets in the first hold, pulling Keith into a rear naked choke, but before he can capitalize on his advantage, Keith reverses it into a rear bearhug. The strain on Max's face is obvious as Keith's huge arm squeeze his rib cage, Max is able to use his titantic strength to pull apart Keith's grip. Keith moves his hold into a full Nelson, but Max's lats and traps are so huge, even arms as long as Keith's can lock in the hold. Max powers out by flexing downwards and dives into Keith, pulling him to the mats. Pinned under 310lbs of angry Max, Keith moans and struggles. Rolling to the side, Max locks in a bodyscissors, crushing Keith his inhuman thighs, causing his opponent to yell out in pain. But the oil covering the two men allows Keith to slip out of Max's grasp and he attempts to counter with a headscissors, but is unable to keep Max's head between his legs. Mounting Keith as he crawls on the mats, Max locks in another rear naked choke, but Keith wriggles free again. Both then attempt to pin the other, but neither can keep the other down. Max even resorts to fighting dirty, driving his knee into Keith's groin. Getting to their feet again, the two giants lock up in a test of strength, but struggling long and hard, neither gets an advantage. The exhaustion from the workout and posedown now setting in, the giants end up wrapped in each others limbs on the mats, each trying to squeeze a submission out of each other. When it becomes obvious that neither of them can win, they roll on their backs, each covered with sweat, oil and panting from their titanic efforts. They agree to a draw, promising to meetup again. A brief interlude afterwards, show our muscle idols eating enough sushi for a large family, to refuel their exhausted muscle.