Big Max


  Standing at a towering 6’2  


285 pounds contest-shredded

I have all the muscle you could ever want and I am GROWING!

  • Biceps 21.75" (55 cm)
  • Chest 54" ( 137 cm)
  • Quads 31" (79 cm)
  • Calves 19" (48 cm)
  • Stats are COLD (no pump)!

I started my bodybuilding journey 12 years ago and have gained over 100 lbs of rock solid muscle, and have competed at the national level in bodybuilding.


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I take my training and nutrition very seriously and I Iove showing off my hard work to those who enjoy top shelf muscle.  The average bodybuilder stands at 5’ 7” with 240 lbs. of muscle.  I am 7” taller and carry 70 lbs. more mass.  I am not even 30 years old and have already achieved what most bodybuilders will never achieve.  I have years to continue to grow more and more massive.


Over the last couple of years, I had spent some time doing work for other sites and making appearances here and there. I decided it is now time to have all of my content in one spot, made by me, for you the fans.

I will be taking requests and updating this site very often with the content YOU want.
For those that have seen me in action on webcam or live in person, you know I deliver the real deal. From verbal cocky alpha dominant muscle worship shows, to more friendly and intimate experiences I can provide it all.

Don’t let all of the muscle fool you though. I have a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science/pre-med and take pride in my education and staying current on health topics. So I invite all of you, whether new or old friends, to come check me out and watch me grow!  My goal is to hit 330 lbs (or even more!) in the near future.