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My Massive Plans  

Hear about my upcoming travels and plans for the web site !

New Video!

Rematch Part 3: Sexual Play Toy  

Big Max, now wearing just posers, returns to his dungeon to find Grant still out-for-the-count, having been squeezed unconscious in Max’s massive 22” arms in Part 2. Disappointed that his favorite little toy is broken Max decides that, despite Grant being limp and lifeless, he is still going to use him to get himself off. Dragging him around the mats, he throws his plaything onto his back and mounts him.

Grinding up again him cock to cock, Max’s massive body overshadows his smaller victim, their bulging packages pressing against one another. Max begins to hump Grant, the sheer power and mass of his body pounding him into the floor. But Grant barely even stirs, the damage done to him too much to overcome.

So Max stands over Grant, strips down naked, and works his beautiful dick for the camera. For several ecstatic minutes, he pumps his shaft, Max’s muscle rippling as he does so. Don’t miss the explosive climax of this incredible video!

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Rematch Part 2: Wrestle Torture  

Big Max still seething with rage, unleashes all manner of hell on his poor victim. Grant is cowed into low groans, too scared of Max's wrath to even try and submit or beg. Twisting Grant up into choking camel clutches and Boston crabs, Max is brutal and relentless. This is no wrestling match, this is nothing but a total beat down!

Max scissors Grant's head between his massive legs, and we watch quads that are bigger and heavier than any mans, put so much pressure on the poor muscle bitch's skull that it's a wonder he doesn't pass out from the pain.

Max then decides to be generous, and gives Grant an opportunity to regain his dignity. He gives him a free shot, any hold he wants. Grants opts for a fig-4 leg lock, but Max just laughs at the little guys attempts to hurt his massive, powerful body. Quickly reversing the hold, Max then grabs Grant in a gut-wrench bear hug. Unable to take it anymore, Grant passes out, crushed and squeezed to unconsciousness by 22" arms.

But even after knocking out his victim, Max isn't done yet....

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Rematch Part 1: The Muscle Bitch  

Max returns to his dungeon to find his defeated opponent from his last match awaiting him. Grant Carpenter, chained to the ceiling, his face and head covered, he is completely stripped of his identity and his cockiness this time. Nothing but a toy for the massive musclegod, Max.

Max verbally dresses down his victim, reveling in his helplessness. He tell him how much rage and anger he has built up, and that he plans to release all his aggression. Tormenting poor Grant by forcing his face into his massive muscled armpit, Max even bearhugs Grant while he is still chained to the ceiling, threatening to just break his ribs right there.

But Max wants to play with Grant first, draw out his pain and suffering. So he unchains him, and begins to subject him to multiple, long, drawn out wrestling holds. Crushing him in bearhugs and body scissors, and twisting him out of shape in camel clutches, this isn’t a wrestling match, it’s just a long, brutal domination...

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Showering Pumped Up  

A sweaty, post-workout Max gets ready to cleanse his massive body with a long, hot shower. He talks directly to the camera about the muscle that he’s washing off, inviting the viewer to get intimate with his body. He invites us to even come in close and get truly lost in his size and power.

Once he starts soaping up, the glistening suds pick up every curve and bulge of Max’s flesh. Max gets so into his own body, he even starts playing with his soaped up nipples. As we see him start to wash his huge bubble butt, his hand almost gets lost up there.

The water dripping off his body, Max lets us just watch him as he cleans off the sweat  and stink of his long, hard day of workouts and muscle worship.