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Ultimate Worship Part 2  

Laying on the bed now, Max is totally exposed and glorious. His worshipper goes to town on his body, burying his face and tongue in every nook and cranny. He even gets to stroke Max’s thick muscle cock. As Max lays there, flexing effortlessly, the scene is overlaid with other muscle posing from Max.

Max gets lost in the ecstasy of muscle worship, as his worshipper continues to service him. Finally flipping on his front, we get to see his glorious muscle ass, oiled up and massaged. Truly an amazing sight!

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Ultimate Worship Part 1  

A lucky muscle devotee is given permission by Max the Musclegod, to worship and adore his massive physique. Max is looking huge and ripped, and is totally on display and naked, so proud and cocky, he looks at totally at ease being exposed liek this. As the admirer buries his face into Max biceps and kisses them, you can see the look on Max's face. He is happy and satisfied to be worshipped this way. He knows how good he looks and how fitting it is that he should be adored this way.

As the worship continues, we get to see every angle of Max's bulging and massive frame. His sexual energy pulses out from his flexing muscles, and his worshipper is clearly caught in the thrall of this incredible Alpha Male. Getting out the oil, Max tells him that he will be worshipping him all day. Once his skin is glistening with the oil, we can see in even greater detail just how beautiful and perfect his phsyqiue is. From his rock hard pecs, to his massive 22" guns, right down to his big, bulging muscle butt.

Get ready for things to get even hotter and raunchier in part 2...

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King of the Boardwalk  

Summer is finally here and Big Max loves nothing more than showing off his incredible body in public. Strutting down the boardwalk in nothing but a skimpy pair of shorts, he know he is the biggest, strongest, alpha male on the shore. Showing no inhibition, he begins a muscle show, not only for us, but for anyone walking by.

His phsyique is amazing! Thick, powerful, defined and his demeanor drips with sexual energy. He strikes his classic poses, and the glorious light of the sun picks out every detail for us to see.
The camera gets in close and then pulls out wide, to allow us to see our muscle idol from every angle.

Don't miss this amazing show by the shore!

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The Muscle Stalker  

In this muscle worship and domination session, the viewer takes on the view of a nervous new supplicant to Max's massive muscle. The viewer has been stalking Max for days, until finally you were invited around to be his newest worshiper, you are now waiting for the object of your obsession. Entering the room, drenched in sweat, wearing grey tights and string tank top, Max's looks both angry and aroused. His anger is from the fact that you, the viewer, are too early. His arousal is from the fact that he now gets to take out his frustrations on you.

Telling you that he is forgoing any shower or change of clothes, and is going to force you to worship him just as he is. He describes in detail the smell and taste of the sweat he's going make you lick. And then he begins to flex. The rippling, pulsating mound of beef that is Big Master Max will leave you awestruck. The camera gets in close, lingering on his huge biceps and dripping pectorals. Max talks about how is going to squeeze and crush you, make you suffer for his amusement, trapped in his muscle. When his clothes come off, you will be stunned by the symmetry of his perfect body.

Once Max begins applying the oil, his incredible definition is picked out everywhere, and you realize you are in the presence of a true muscle god. Admiring himself in the mirror and forcing you down onto your knees to serve him, Max totally draws you into his dominion.

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Training with Big Frank  

Part 2: Shoulders