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Rematch Part 1: The Muscle Bitch  

Max returns to his dungeon to find his defeated opponent from his last match awaiting him. Grant Carpenter, chained to the ceiling, his face and head covered, he is completely stripped of his identity and his cockiness this time. Nothing but a toy for the massive musclegod, Max.

Max verbally dresses down his victim, reveling in his helplessness. He tell him how much rage and anger he has built up, and that he plans to release all his aggression. Tormenting poor Grant by forcing his face into his massive muscled armpit, Max even bearhugs Grant while he is still chained to the ceiling, threatening to just break his ribs right there.

But Max wants to play with Grant first, draw out his pain and suffering. So he unchains him, and begins to subject him to multiple, long, drawn out wrestling holds. Crushing him in bearhugs and body scissors, and twisting him out of shape in camel clutches, this isn’t a wrestling match, it’s just a long, brutal domination...