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Training with Big Frank  

Part 1: Shoulders and Tris


Max pairs off in the gym with the notorious bodybuilder and wrestler, Frank the Tank. These two monsters, virtually equals in size and power, effortlessly heft weights around in the gym that most men would even struggle to pick up. When Max supersets skull crushers and close grip bench pressing, he bangs out so many reps, you can barely believe he's moving 225lbs every time. In between sets, both Max and Frank take their moments to brag into the camera, to remind us that they are the alpha males we want to watch. As the workout progresses, you can see the pump in Max's arms and shoulders, inflated from the workout. And Frank is glistening with sweat, his bronzed, massive body awesome to behold. You can practically smell the testosterone between these two musclegods. Finishing up the video with a pose-off in the mirror, you can see the cocky confidence that these two share. They know they are the largest, most intimidating guys in the entire gym, and they love it!